Have you ever wanted to crush people with toilets?

Well now you can in Toilets and Ragdolls!

If you think it's too good to be true just listen to what the ragdolls have to say!

Ragdoll: "Please, please do not play this. I'm begging you. These toilets hurt like crazy."

AND that's enough from our very valued ragdolls!

Just remember no ragdolls were hurt in the making of this game.

Ragdoll: "THAT'S A LIE! SAVE US-"

*muffled screaming*

Made with Godot.

Art made with Krita.

Update 8/4/22; 1.1:

- Added touchscreen support

- Added reset button

Update also 8/4/22; 1.1.1:

- Made touchscreen controls easier to use and less buggy.

Another 8/4/22 update (I have nothing to do today); 1.2:

- Added trashcans! These delete any toilets or ragdolls that they touch.

- Can hide UI

From now on I'll be putting updates in devlog posts.

Note: Mobile only works in landscape mode.

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I spent far too long with this

lol thanks for playing